Latest Oman Roundel  

The Sultan of Oman's Air Force was first established in 1959. At this time the Omani flag was plain red and the first markings were a red disc usually outlined in white, with the arms of the country -crossed swords marked in red on a white shield as a fin flash. This was changed in the 1960s to a white on red fin marking. In 1970 a new flag was adopted which included the arms and a green area. The fuselage and wing roundel carried the crossed swords in white and bore a definite green outline. During the late 1970s many aircraft dispensed with roundels and just carried fin markings in white on red, or with a thin green border. From about 1983 new colours were adopted for aircraft markings, which were unusually not featured on the national flag. Aircraft used a blue shield with white or pale yellow swords as a wing marking and bore a form of the national flag as a fin flash. The need for low-visibility markings has seen the virtual elimination of the wing and fuselage marking.